8 Websites To Find Paid Freelance Writing Work

If you are an employee, student or housewife and you get some free time you must know about the paid freelance writing work. With freelancing, you can earn some extra money by using your free hours flexibly as a content writer. If you dedicatedly put some of your daily hours in writing content you can earn a lot and with time if you work constantly and consistently you can become a freelancer brand within few years. Writing is a good thing which keeps you busy and by writing on the different topic your knowledge also increases. Nowadays there is so many content writing agencies that provide content writing services to their clients. You can register on these agencies and get paid freelancing writing work. Here is the list of 8 Websites To Find Paid Freelance Writing Work.

  1. Contentmart

Contentmart is the best website to start your career as a freelancer. Contentmart provides a user-friendly interactive platform which is very helpful for newbees. Contentmart is becoming popular website among the freelance writers across the globe. Their customer support center is also very friendly. Different types of projects are available on Contentmart and they assure the payment for each work done.

  1. Iwrite

There are some levels on iwrite as your level increase your income increase. If you have a good rating you can become a premium or elite writer and earn lots of money. Per word charges for premium and elite writers are always higher than a standard writer.

  1. Upwork

Upwok provides many other opportunities such as technical work, web designing, marketing assignments etc. other than writing opportunity. You can start writing at the beginner level and as your experience increases you can become an expert writer. Sometimes if upwork have many freelancers in a particular area of expertise the site will not allow bidding.

  1. Freelancer

You will get lots of projects and lots of writers on Freelancer. Competition on Freelancer is very high. You definitely need to pass their tests to build a trust among the clients.

  1. Constantcontent

Constantcontent is highly professional. If you are a beginner, it is suggested not to try with this website if the found quality of content is not up to the mark they can suspend your account. If you are a professional writer you can use the services of constantcontent.

  1. Crowdcontent

Corwdcontent is also a good website to start your career as a freelancer writer but they also have some issues in hiring new writers like upwork.

  1. LinkedIn

On LinkedIn you can search a freelancer job or you just create a freelancer profile so that clients can contact you and discuss the details. To search jobs on LinkedIn you just need LinkedIn profile.

  1. MyLot

Isn’t it so essay to post your views, argue or discuss and when you get money out of it, it becomes more interesting. By posting your views on MyLot you can earn around $50 per month. If you post your views, discuss in the group or post pictures regularly you can even earn more.

These are some content writing agencies where you can earn consistent money as a copywriter, banking copywriter, academic copywriter, article writer, bloggers, technical write etc. by just working at your own pace and time.

By Franklin Cedric