6 Google Adwords Tips for Beginners

Google adwords seem to be the easiest tool to improve your blog’s traffic. However, as you dive deeper into its technical understanding, it may confuse you. As a fact, it is one of the simplest tools for online marketing however, only if you understand it!

For entrepreneurs, the online marketing campaigns are based on hunting keywords and back linking only. Here, we have the essential six tips for using Google adwords. After reading and using the tips included in this Google Adwords guide for entrepreneurs, you would wish you knew them before!

1.     Relevance Defines the Infrastructure

The new Google algorithm optimizes a blog in relevance to the keywords. The crawlers not only check the primary keywords but they relate them with the secondary keywords and other words used in the blog. For example, if a person writes a blog on apple fruit, the search engine will optimize it in the fruit niche only.

Relevance is also based on the Google ads. Click through rate is the percentage of people visiting your website after clicking on the ad against the number of people viewing the ad. If the number of clicks with the number of people viewing the ad is almost balanced then the ad is placed on relevant websites and the chances of receiving high traffic are great.

2.     Keyword Management

The selection of keyword from adwords highly depends on your campaign. If you are in the beginning stages of the campaign then focus on the highly targeted keywords only. If you are in the middle stages then focus on targeted and low-target keywords. If you have almost accomplished the campaign then choose low target keywords as you have already covered the high targeted keywords in the beginning of the campaign.

3.     Driving Traffic to the Landing Pages

Most of the businesses drive their traffic to the homepage. The audience, after not receiving the anticipated result, closes your website and you lose a lead. On the other hand, if you drive the audience to the dedicated landing page, the audience builds up communication thread by receiving the content they desired for.

4.     Long-Tail and Short-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are mostly effective in driving traffic. However, these keywords disrupt the quality of your content and make it inorganic. An amalgam of long-tail and short-tail keywords helps build a variety of audience base.

5.     Eliminate One Worded Keywords

As a beginner, you might find one-worded keywords a good option for optimizing the quality of your content. However, one-worded keywords rarely work especially for beginners and intermediaries. For pros, these are the last options.

6.     Use Negative Keywords In Multiple Campaigns

Negative keywords can help save time and maximize the profits of your marketing campaign. However, adding negative keywords in the beginning stages of the campaign will intersect the effectiveness of positive keywords. Choose negative keywords only if you are working on multiple campaigns.

One of the biggest mistakes that most of the entrepreneurs make is NOT using the Google Adwords account. Creating an account is not enough. With Google Adwords guide for entrepreneurs, you will be able to track the trending keywords at least once a week to make sure that your campaign is on the right path.

By Franklin Cedric