4 Handy Features That You Must Look For From Your Hosting Company

Nowadays, web host companies mushroom in the market offering more or less similar features and competing with one another. Consequently, it becomes a daunting task to choose the right web host among the pile of options and service providers. However, in reality, things aren’t as complex as you think. Because only a few providers knowhow to stand out from the crowd. Their innovative features can easily tailor your demand.

1.Innovative Provisioning Modules

A good web hosting company devises provisioning modules that offer its clients something its competitor might not have. What it does is to allow its customers manage their control panels, servers, email accounts, DNS zones and much more directly from its client area. This is very convenient to clients that have everything they need in one website without logging in elsewhere.

Actually what these providers do is to make their clients able to do things they were unable to do before. This is how, with the innovative provisioning modules, an ideal web hosting company serves it’s clients as well as itself in a better way.

web hosting company devises

  1. Cloud Hosting

With the advent of cloud computing, cloud hosting is an efficient and effective technology to serve your website. Although, cloud hosting is similar to web hosting to some extent, it is much different from a conventional form at the same time.  In a cloud environment, websites along with different files and applications are stored in a group of interconnected servers. Let me clarify a bit more.

Cloud hosting sites are able to rend data from various servers using virtual resources of a confluence of interlinked servers. Therefore, cloud hosting can keep the users tension free pertaining to site crashing, since if one server faces crashing, then another server within the cloud picks up the slack and keeps the website up and running. This means that cloud hosting ensures that there is no fear of a crashing site.

However, cloud hosting though claimed by most hosting companies the degree of efficiency really differs from company to another. Someone planning to take advantage of this technology should judge the quality of the cloud hosting a company offers.

  1. Web Hosting Security

Security is another great concern of a sophisticated web hosting company. They put huge emphasis on security because this may turn into nightmare any time. Hackers are incessantly trying many approaches to get what they want and are becoming more shrewd each day. Hackers, generally, use free hosting accounts and entice other users to visit their sites and download malicious programs that can cause a devastating experience to the entire network. That is why, a responsible web hosting company never makes available open access or offers cost-free promotional hosting that is sponsored by advertisements on the same server that offers paid hosting packages.

Furthermore, such a responsible company offers its customers extended security protection as a standard feature or for an extra fee. It provides its clients with secure FTP (SFTP) that can encrypt data efficiently so that no malicious files or programs can be uploaded. It is a very useful feature for both web host and webmasters.

Moreover, such a responsible company emphasizes on e-Commerce sites especially with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.  The technology secures all the sensitive data, such as credit card and shopping card information that pass through the hosting server. Thus, a responsible web hosting company ensures all possible precaution against threats in order to serve clients with the best level of security.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

An ideal web hosting company understands better that customer care is important.  That is why it tailors solutions to the clients’ desire and need. Instead of an automated messenger, it ensures a pool of talented, experienced and technically sound professionals to handle customer needs. For a prompt service, the company puts in place different support teams to aid customers effectively and efficiently. Such a company also sends emails including tips and tutorials so that its clients can get useful information. With a quality customer service, the web host easily earns a top-notch reputation.

It is always a daunting task to choose a web host from a pile of options and service providers. Sometimes it could be much more difficult to choose the best company. In that case, you should look for the above mentioned handy features that are offered by a reputable web hosting company.

Author’s Bio-This article is written by Kaitlyn Kristy, a professional blogger. She loves reading and writing and always shares his knowledge and ideas through her articles. In this article, she expounded sheer essential features of web hosting in order to her readers can informed about few basic aspects of web hosting. She thinks that WebHostingHub @ WHRB is a reliable source of information for choosing the right web hosting company for individuals.

By Franklin Cedric